Affordable Family Living

Affordable Family Living

Affordable Family Living Affordable Family Living Affordable Family Living

Looking for a lovely little community to call home? Look no further!

406 Lang Road

Portland, TX 78374

Special Hours

Our office will be closed on February 27th, 2020. Management will be at a training off site all day. 

Our answering service will be active on the 27th, so please feel free to contact us and we'll get back with you as soon as we can the following day! 

We will resume normal operations on 2/28/2020. 

Apartment Availability


At the moment, we do not have many apartments available. But fret not! This doesn't mean we won't have any more in the future.

We'll continue to update this portion of the page once we have some other prospective ones popping up!

Available Now:

-a 2X2 in the 100 building at the front of the property

(Ready for move in)

Coming Soon:

-a 2X2 in the 500 building at the back of the property

(remodeling. Working on now)

-a 2X2 in the 1300 building at the front of the property

(moving out the first week of March)

-a 2X1 in the 200 building at the middle of the property

(moving out at the end of March)

-a 1X1 in the 1200 building at the middle of the property

(moving out at the end of March)

-a 2X2 in the 1000 building at the middle of the property

(moving out at the end of March)

If you're interested in joining our community, please feel free to reach on out to us. We love our first responders, security officers, law enforcement, and our former/current military members! With proof of employment you can net yourself a lovely discount on any sized apartment. We would love to have you.

 Have a wonderful day and we look forward to you joining the family!

How To Get Started

Apartment Features

* Appliances *

Refrigerators with top mount freezers, electric range stoves, fume hoods, dishwashers, and garbage disposals are in all units.

* Walk-In/Bi-Fold Closets *

For those in need of a space to store belongings or clothing, our closets are more than happy to assist!

* Full-Sized Bathrooms *

Every apartment is equipped with a tub/shower combo, toilet, cabinet, sink, a shower curtain rod and a towel rod. Fully sized for all your bathroom needs!

* Custom Cabinets *

Cabinets are one of the most used things in an apartment, from kitchen to bathroom. Each apartment has their own custom made cabinet in them!

* Sliding Glass Doors *

Each apartment size, except for our 3 bedrooms, have a sliding glass door with several security mechanisms in place that lead out to either a balcony or a small patio.

* Ceramic Tile Flooring *

Almost every apartment in our community has ceramic tile flooring throughout the unit and carpet/pad in the bedrooms. 

Westbury Square Amenities

* On-site Laundromat *

Recently remodeled, there are 8 dryers and 8 washers that take both card and coin. The hours of operation are 9:00AM - 9:00PM Monday through Sunday.

* Pest Control Service *

All of our units are sprayed from our professional Pest Control service every third Thursday of the month. Resprays are entirely free of charge for our residents!

* After-Hour Answering Service *

Outside the office hours simply call our office number and our answering service will relay any message to your property management.

* Playground *

For the little ones wishing for some adventure. There is a "rockwall", swings, slide, monkey bars and a rest area with a colorful shade to protect them from the Sun.

* Swimming Pool *

Our pool is routinely cleaned throughout the week to make sure it looks as pristine as possible. Picnic tables are found by the pool side for your convenience. Pool rules are visibly posted for everyone's safety.

* Courtyard / Cabana *

Love barbecuing? Love picnics? The courtyard at the back of the property and the cabana towards the middle have you covered. These two locations are the main sites for our community events!

Apartment Floor Plans

One Bedroom / One Bathroom



About 608 Square Feet


$725 a month


Starts off at $375

Two Bedroom / One Bathroom



About 810 Square Feet


$815 a month


Starts off at $400

Two Bedroom / Two Bathroom



About 882 Square Feet


$905 a month 


Starts off at $425

Three Bedroom / Two Bathroom



About 1,245 Square Feet


$1,025 a month 


Starts off at $450

About Our Community

From Humble Beginnings


From the humble beginnings of 1979, Westbury has grown into the enchanting, village-like community we see today. Our atmosphere is serene, our community is diverse and our location is superb. Here at Westbury, we care for each one of our residents with the utmost pride and respect. We have community events, monthly newsletters, and to make things even better, we have multiple apartment sizes to fit almost any family. 

If you are looking for a nice, community oriented place to call home, look no further! Westbury Square is family owned and operated, so we most certainly put our hearts into everything we do. Our passion for what we do here is shown on a daily basis. That said, you are going to love it here. Your journey to find a home stops at  Westbury Square Apartments. Welcome to the family!     

Like Community Events?

We routinely have events for our entire community to enjoy. The larger ones take place in July, October, and December for the holidays. Have a cool event idea? Feel free to let us know. Absolutely, the more the merrier when it comes to attendance. Unless explicitly specified, our community events are open to residents, their friends, and their families. All we ask is that the resident be present when everyone arrives! As doing the events is something we truly cherish, pictures and even video at times, will be taken through the event. They will be added to our website for safekeeping!

We are always looking for great people to add to our community!

Just as there are many families calling Westbury home, we always love having great individuals move in. As we strive for excellence, we utilize word of mouth for our main source of advertising. This being said, we absolutely love getting referrals from current and past residents. Anybody that refers someone to Westbury, and they sign a lease with us, gets an incentive VISA card as a tremendous thank you for helping us grow the Westbury family! 

The Staff

Property Management Team

Westbury Square is managed by the family combo of Preston and Kimberly. They are always thinking of ways to make Westbury more of a community than just an apartment complex. They certainly try to have Westbury be among the nice apartments in Portland, TX to live in!

Small Team, Big Hearts

Having a smaller staff is a blessing as we are more efficient and effective that way. The best part about it all? Residents know each of us by name! 

We Are A Proud Accredited Business

Contact Us

Like what you see, but have a question? Feel free to ask away. We will be sure to follow up with you promptly. Please include your phone number when sending us a message about apartment availability so we can add you to our waiting list!

We would love to meet you!

Before we give out applications, we always like to meet everyone looking to live here in our community. We can tour units (if one is available), answer any questions, and provide you with excellent customer service!

Westbury Square Apartments

406 Lang Rd, Portland, Texas 78374, United States

Phone: (361) 643-3712 / Fax: (361) 643-7100

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 5:30pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed