Welcome to the Interior of Your Future Home!

On this page you will find pictures and video of all of our floor plans in our apartment community at Westbury. We have 1 bedroom apartments, 2 bedroom apartments, and 3 bedroom apartments in Portland, TX. *Because each apartment has its own unique cabinets, some of the pictures shown of the bathrooms and kitchen may be slightly different than in the photos or videos.*

In need of some furniture or other miscellaneous items to make your apartment feel like home? These places would be the places to call!

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1x1 Virtual Tour

Our smallest apartment floor plan on property! Being 608 square feet, our 1x1s are ideal and have more than enough room for those seeking a place by themselves or couples just starting out. Just because it is the smallest of our floor plans doesn't mean you can't make it an amazing home! 

2x1 Virtual Tour

Our next size up from the 1x1s. 810 square feet+1 great family = one great place to call home! The 2x1s have plenty of space for families and friends. They have a 2 entrance kitchen, 1 bathroom in the hallway, and all appliances, excluding microwaves. Mix that up with a nicely sized walk-in closet and carpeted bedrooms, the 2x1s are ready for just about anything!

2x2 Virtual Tour

Imagine the layout of the 2x1, but with a bathroom in the master bedroom! 882 square feet of all sorts of possibilities. The 2x2s have a single entrance to the kitchen, 2 full bathrooms, and are equipped with all appliances, excluding microwaves. Not quite the largest apartment on property, but pretty close!

3x2 Virtual Tour

Being our largest apartment floor plan on property, all 1,245 square feet of our 3x2s give large families more than enough room for everyone to be comfortable. So much space, so many ways to make the apartment your home!