Welcome to the Exterior of Westbury and Our Event Pictures!

On this page, you will be able to check out Westbury's amenities, pictures taken during some of our community events we do, as well as some of the lovely decorations residents do on our property during the holidays. As one of the many apartment complexes in Portland, we strive to do some a little different for the community living at Westbury!

We do not allow satellites on our property, but Spectrum is a great service provider across the board:


Decorating for the Season

Do you ever forget what holiday is coming up? Well, the office is the perfect place to find out! As nice as the holidays and seasons are, we always try and make our compact office look gorgeous! 

Community Decorations

Just as Westbury's management loves to decorate the office, several residents love decorating for the seasons and holidays as well. During holiday months, we have door decorating  contests where residents can win a prize! (Trust us; it is totally worth the effort!)