Did You Know?


* Submitting Work Orders

Something happen in your apartment that you would like us to work on? You can come into the office to tell management directly, call us, drop your written work order in the drop slot, or send us an email at westburyportland@gmail.com

* Upcoming Festivities

Wondering when the next event is coming up? We routinely post flyers and newsletters on the bulletin boards by the office and in the laundry room as well as pass them to all apartment doors once a month!

* Water Bills

There are many ways you can pay your water bill. The bill comes to your mailbox around the middle of the month. You are able to: pay at the office with checks or money orders made payable to Westbury, call Conservice over the phone to use a card, pay using a business center at Walmart or HEB, or even have it automatically pay on the first of the month using your bank account or credit card. Since we are an allocated property, the cost of your bill is calculated as followed: 104 apartments  ÷ size of your unit  ÷ amount of residents in your unit.

* Preventative Maintenance

- If you cannot eat it, neither can your disposal. Make sure you do not put bones, egg shells, grease, or oil down your sinks!

- AC filters are free of charge and can be picked up in the office. We would be more than happy to deliver if need be. Filters must be changed at least once a month to prevent damage on your AC unit.

- If you do not use your dishwasher as you wash your dishes by hand, please run your dishwasher on the hot setting at least once a month to prevent any odor or backing up of water.

- You can help prevent your refrigerator from making loud noises by not blocking your vents in your freezer with all your delicious food.

- Barbecuing is great! You cannot do it on your balcony, inside your apartment, or close to the buildings. We have multiple locations near you where you can barbecue safely!

- When swimming, you must wear proper swimwear. Shirts with graphics on them and jeans are not allowed to be worn while in the water as they will mess up the pH level and the pool pump.

- Our play yard and the swings are for children under 10 only. Unfortunately, anyone over that age can damage it as it is made primarily for the youngsters.

 - Cigarette butts can kill the green grass, so please dispose of them properly, whether in the disposal centers Westbury provides or with something you provide (just make sure you empty yours routinely).

* Laundry Room

Courtesy of Coin Mach, we have 16 brand new machines, 8 washers and 8 dryers. Each machine can take either card or coin! We always make sure each machine is up and running smoothly and efficiently, so please help us out by letting us know if a machine is down or simply call and report it in yourself. The numbers are on the walls for your convenience!

* Phone Numbers of Importance

- After hours, we have a 24 hour answering service that will take any messages given to them. You can reach them by calling our office line at (361) 643-3712 after 5:30PM Monday - Friday and all day/night on weekends. They call management on anything related to an emergency.

- In the event of a non-related apartment emergency, know that you can always call 911. For non-emergencies you can call the Portland Police Department at (361) 777-4444.

- You can call Conservice (our water utility company) for payment over the phone or for any other questions at 1-866-947-7379. Be sure to have your account number ready!

- For any mail questions, you can call the Portland Post Office at (361) 777-0845.

- Questions about your lease can be answered by Preston or Kim in the office, over the phone at (361) 643-3712, or to Lisa or Michelle at the Corpus Christi Apartment Association at  (361) 852-4226 with any serious questions or concerns.

- All other Portland information can be viewed at http://www.portlandtx.com