Westbury's Community Events


Westbury is a small community. Because of this, the management team tries every day to try something new so our residents experience something different than simply just renting an apartment. Our community events have become one of our greatest amenities over a small period of time. Check out all the memories we have had with everyone over these past few years!

Easter Egg Hunt

Taking place in March every year is our annual Easter Egg Hunt. Open to all ages, the Westbury management disperses hundreds of eggs for different age groups filled with goodies. Egg hunting takes place all across property for different age groups' difficulty level.

Community Luau

The month of June is water-filled month; the pool is open for the season! We have food, water games, and often get some special guests to teach everyone about fire and water safety. Come prepared to get wet in some way!

Fourth of July

Celebrating America's independence, Westbury hosts a smaller community event at the beginning of July. It is chock-full of red, white, and blue, and two eating contests: hot dogs and watermelon! 

Fall Festival

One of our largest events takes place in the month of October. There's candy, games, activities, a door decorating contest, a pumpkin carving/decorating contest, and of course, a costume contest! 

Winter Merriment

Our second largest event takes place in December. There's food, games, a door decorating contest, giveaways, and Toys 4 Tots donations! Such a great way to end the year with our community.  


Micro Events

We are always looking for ways to further keep Westbury a great place to call home. We may not have a large event every month, but we certainly try to do something anyway! Father's day baskets, mother's day baskets, St. Patrick's Day gold, Thanksgiving basket, movie nights, etc. Also, each month during the rent period from the 1st through the 3rd we give out donuts or cookies to those that pay rent in the office. Consider these as an enormous thank you for choosing us for your home and making the community that much better by you being a part of our family!

Learn More

Want to be a part of our events? Want to donate time, effort, or supplies to the cause? We would absolutely love to have you aboard! Events are something we take pride in and always look forward to improving them each and every year.

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Westbury Over the Years

We care very deeply for our residents. Seeing as Westbury Square is a smaller community, we do events as an amenity that runs deeper than a workout room or club house; the management put their hearts into each event. Our community events are open for residents and their guests.

Below is our gallery of memories for the events we have done over the years. Please enjoy!   

Site Update

*As all great things improve, our website is routinely updated. This page in particular will be loaded with pictures as events take place!*